Groups for Adoptive Families and Adopted Girls

Groups for Adoptive Parents

groups for adoptive parents, adopted girls

First Year Home: These groups are small education and support groups for parents and their recently adopted infants and young children. Groups run for 8 weeks for approximately 90 minutes. Come and learn about child development and issues unique to new adoptive families. The format will include age appropriate songs, games and activities. Issues such as sleeping, eating, adjusting, loss and attachment will be addressed. Fee is TBD per group for 8 sessions minimum. Call for more information and schedule – groups are scheduled on an ongoing basis.

Groups for Adopted Girls (Adoptees)

seattle therapy groups for adopted girlsBetween The Lines: This is an art-therapy group for adopted tween girls. The group includes structured art exercises, therapeutic activities and open group discussion time to facilitate a dialogue about adoption-related issues; girls are encouraged to explore their own life story and their experiences related to adoption, as well as to hear about, validate and connect with other girls and their experiences. Thoughts and feelings about culture, identity, birth family, prying peers and other issues are explored. This group is fun and engaging but also a place to talk and express feelings about tough topics. Open to girls ages 9-12. Group runs for approximately 6-8 weeks. Cost is TBD per session. Contact me for more information – therapy groups are scheduled on an ongoing basis.