Seattle Parenting Therapy and Counseling Services for Parents

seattle parenting therapy, adoptive parents, new familiesIn addition to parent sessions that are part of a child’s therapy process, I offer consultation and counseling for parents who are having difficulty for a variety of reasons. As parents, you may opt to come to sessions without your children in order to process or work through difficulties in your relationship with each other, or come to become more united in your parenting efforts and strategies. Some parents need fresh ideas or new perspective on issues with their children. Especially at points of change or transition, parents may need to “check in” in order to gain more confidence in parenting.

Parenting Help for New Families

I also specialize in working with newly formed families, (including pre- and post-adoption), to develop connection and a healthy family identity.

Foster and Adoptive Parenting Help in Seattle

Foster and Adoptive Parenting: Parenting can be challenging. Parenting children who have experienced a complicated beginning (separation from birth parent, changes in caregivers, abuse and neglect, prenatal drug or alcohol exposure, multiple losses, foster or institutional care) can sometimes be extremely stressful, leaving parents feeling helpless, bewildered, and exhausted. I help new parents to develop specific skills for caring for their adopted children, to form and reach achievable goals, find creative approaches to repetitive problems, to develop self-care strategies and connect with important resources.  I help families lower stress, find resilience and develop more satisfying ways of being together.

Services are also available for prospective adoptive parents, and may include a brief number of sessions to gather information, consider and process various aspects of the decision to adopt before proceeding.

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