Policy on Family Separation at Our Borders

The current administration’s policy of separating families at the border is CHILD ABUSE and must be stopped immediately.

When young children are separated from their parents under duress, they lose their sense of safety and security, and will experience extreme stress which can lead to anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other stress-induced mental health problems that may impact them for the rest of their lives. The trauma of separation from parents may be compounded for these children by the stresses of being held in facilities that lack quality trauma-informed care, or by being moved from one facility to another. We have a wealth of research the shows children who experience prolonged states of extreme duress, or TOXIC STRESS, (prolonged activation of the body/brain stress response systems) will experience disruptions in the development of their brain and bodily organ systems, increasing the risk for a host of diseases and impairments. Particularly for young children, these forced separations and related traumatic experiences will have life-long consequences for them, and ultimately for all of us.

There can be no justification for deliberately abusing children.

To TAKE ACTION, contact your representatives and/or:




Introducing Adoption Therapy Associates of West Seattle

I am pleased to announce the opening of Adoption Therapy Associates of West Seattle, located just north of the Alaska Junction at 4138 California, Suite C. At this new office I will be joining forces with two other incredibly talented and adoption-savvy therapists, Jill Dziko and Katie Stallman. We will maintain our separate practices and also work together to bring a new level of services to our clients. It is our intention to offer therapy in a setting that is supportive and attuned to the needs of all who are impacted by adoption.

First Year Home: Educational and Support Groups for Parents and Their Adopted Infants and Young Children

In this 8 week group, parents learn about the flow of child development as they engage together with their children in age-appropriate songs, stories, games and activities that are designed to support adjustment and attachment. Parents are assisted in problem-solving sleep, feeding, toileting, limit-setting, sharing issues and more. Parents receive support, resource information and connection with other adoptive families. This small group is facilitated by a therapist with over 15 years experience working with adoptive families.

Cost for the group is $45 per session, 8 session minimum (some sliding scale options).  Ages of the children: infant to 4-year-olds who have joined their families in the last year. Group meets in either lower Queen Anne or West Seattle, depending on interest. Meetings are generally weekday mornings from 9:30am to 11am. Groups are formed as families call to express interest. We need at least 4 families to begin a group.

If you are a newly adoptive family interested in joining us for this group, please contact me by phone or email. Exact dates to be determined. Call now; we will set a firm start date when we have enough sign-ups. Call for more information: 206-498-9895, or email: info@laurastone.org

Between The Lines – A Group for Tween Girls

Between The Lines is a group for girls who joined their families through adoption or foster care, and are now age 10 to 12-years old.

This is a 6 week therapy group for girls who are interested in exploring issues related to adoption and identity through making art.  Through structured group art exercises, therapeutic activities and open group discussion time we will engage in a dialogue about adoption-related issues; we will be working to encourage girls to explore their own life story and their experiences related to adoption, as well as to hear about and validate other girls’ experiences. Thoughts and feelings about culture, identity, birth family, prying peers and other issues may be explored.

Groups are formed as families call to express interest. We need at least 4 girls to form a group. Location for groups may be the Queen Anne office or the West Seattle office. Cost is $45 per session and payments must be made for the full 6 sessions prior to start of group. No insurance billing, however a receipt of payment will be provided upon request.